Hoagies, Stogies, Hotdogs, Beer and Baseball

That title is all a guy like me really needs!  It also can account for one enjoyable day!  Babe
Thumbnail image for Ruthcopy.jpgRuth
had it right, that is the way to live!  Probably a little less alcohol would have been better
for him, though.

My favorite Meatball Hoagie is made with Kobi Japanese meatballs swimming in a tangy barbeque sauce (preferably Diana Original Sauce) and drenched with mozzerella or gouda cheese.  You can add the fixin’s to your liking.  Kinda looks like this, but the meatballs are smaller.  


 Now I’m not condoning smoking or alcoholism here, but the occasional cigar following by a beer is really great, especially at or around a baseball park where permitted.  I serenaded the recent World Series winners with one of these. 


 Living in Canada, is very easy to get good Cubans, for those that are interested in cigars.  You can’t beat Cohibas.  Cigars are great every once in a while, but I know the dangers and wouldn’t form a habit with them.  This next picture is me on one of my vacations to New York City.  In Times Square, there is a restaurant called The Brooklyn Dinner.  I love hotdogs, love ’em, and I got to eat the ‘mother of all hotdogs’.  ‘Picture says a thousand words,’ I just attack this thing!


My girlfriend had watch me eat this whole thing, and then go with me to a Mets game.  She is so great!  She got me back the next day, though. I had to follow her all day while she shopped on 5th Avenue and beyond.


Love the Philly Phanatic (he is by far the best), but Mr. Met is also pretty good.


  1. metmainman

    Your girlfriend HAD to come with you to a Mets game? I would never put it that way. How about your girlfriend GOT to come to the Mets game with you? :p

    Why do people like Mr. Met so much? I don’t see whats so great about him. Didn’t they copy Cincinatti’s ascot, who has been around longer and also has a baseball head? I think Philly Phanatic is the best mascot in all of sports, he just chose a bad team….

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    I like that his head is way too oversized for his body. It is kinda funny. I heard he was also the first bobblehead doll? He is a big goofy idiot, and those are qualities you need in a mascot. The Jays have this mascot now named Ace, he does break dancing and has ‘an Edge’! He is exactly what a mascot shouldn’t be.

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