Favorite Yogi Stories

Thumbnail image for ber0-011.jpgOn a lighter note, I thought that I would tell my favorite Yogi Berra story.  If you were reading earlier, I went over some of the great Yogisms.  My favorite being “its like de ja veux all over again.”  But this is not to count out or discredit. 

“I didn’t say everthing I said,” Yogi once insisted. 

Or, on his beautiful new house:  “It’s nothing but rooms.” 

Or, on giving directions to his new house:  “It’s pretty far, but doesn’t seem like it.” 

On being told by the wife of New York Mayor John Lindsay that he looked very cool in his summer suit:  “Thanks.  You don’t look so hot yourself.” 

On top of these priceless sayings, Yogi provided some of the funniest stories that a character in baseball could ever have.  A few of these can be found in: 

Orkent, Daniel and Steve Wulf. Baseball Anecdotes. New York: Oxford University Press,

The nickname Yogi was aquired in his childhood.  One of his childhood friends growing up in St. Louis, said he got that name “simply because he walked like a Yogi.”  Now, I don’t know what ‘walking like a Yogi is,’ but I love it and wish I knew how to walk that.  Anyway, here is the story:

A radio interviewer once told Berra before a broadcast.  “We’re going to do free association.  I’m going to throw out a few names, and you just say the first thing that pops into your mind.”

“Okay,” said Berra.

On the air, the announcer said, “I’m here tonight with Yogi Berra, and we’re going to play free association.  I’m going to mention a name, and Yogi’s just going to say the first thing that comes to mind.  Okay, Yogi?”


“All right, here we go then.  Mickey Mantle.”

“What about him?” said Berra.

Can you imagine how that announcer must have felt after he said that?  lol.  Everytime I read that, I laugh.  I would pay to have that moment on tape.

Yogi was a quick, and amazingly skilled defensive catcher in his playing days.  He was a formittable hitter, and is an even nicer man off the field.  This passage shows Berra’s sensitive side.

“Berra was a sensitive man, as this passage in Yogi, his 1961 autobiography (written by Ed Fitzgerald) shows:  “I worry about getting old.  I worry about not getting around on the fastball.  I worry about keeping Carm (his wife Carmen) happy so she won’t be sorry she married me, about the kids growing up good, and about keeping out of trouble with God.  I worry a lot.”

Yogi is a fun loving man, with a child like innocence.  Deep thinking sensitivity and conicidental wit, characterized this brillant ledgend.  My favorite player of baseball’s past, and catcher of 10 Yankee World Series Championships!  That also included 14 pennants!  Where would the Yankees be without this guy?  That is what I want to know.       



  1. Jane Heller

    Thanks for that tribute to Yogi. Made me smile. I know someone who goes to the same church as he does in New Jersey, and she says he’s the nicest man ever. Treats everyone like a friend and donates generously there without any fuss or fanfare.


  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Jane you are absolutely right about Yogi, always makes you smile. Him were and Stengal were possibly the best catcher/manager combo that there has ever been! Two loveable characters, with a similar charisma and candor. There were a lot strong points about the Yankees in those years, but Stengal and Yogi together were key in the character and identity of those teams.

    Thank you for the comment. I respect the tradition of the Yankees a ton, even though I’m not a fan of the current team. I do a lot of whining and complaining about the Jays being in the Yankees and Red Sox division every year, but subconsciously I love that we predominantly played those significant franchises of baseballs pastime. Also financially, the Jays don’t want to leave the A.L. East. Weekend series against the Yankees or Red Sox are gold for ticket sales!

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jeremy …

    It’s always great to read stories about Yogi Berra !!! … Yogi “was”, “is”, and “will always be” a CLASSIC !!! … His “Ten” World Series rings represents all that is great about Yankees Tradition !!! … Excellent Post !!! … My favorite Yogi Berra quotes are: “you can observe a lot by watching”; and, of course, the all-time classic: “it ain’t over ’til it’s over” … Also, another favorite story involving Yogi Berra took place a few years ago, and it’s something I will always remember because it goes right to the core of what Yankees Tradition is all about; and, also, shows why Derek Jeter is such a “class act”, as the Yankees “captain”, and as a “true” Yankee for Life !!! … In an interview, “a few years ago, a reporter asked Derek Jeter, ‘how it felt to have “Four” World Series rings’. Jeter said, “Well, over here with the Yankees we have a guy walking around with “Ten” World Series rings. Basically, that’s the standard we all look up to each year” … Of course, Jeter was talking about Yogi Berra !!! … Yogi Berra is the Gold Standard of New York Yankees class and tradition, and his “Ten” World Series rings shine brightly for all to see !!! … By the way — Congratulations, Jeremy — on your #8 ranking on the latest [Nov. 7-13th] “Top 50” MLBlogs Fan List !!! … Yogi Berra’s #8 is one of many great Yankee numbers retired; so, maybe, your inspiring “Post” on Yogi helped to move your “excellent” mlblog up into the #8 spot on the list !!! … Take care, Jeremy !!! … You can check out my February 6, 2008 Post, “Eight Days Before Spring Training”, which is the post that I originally wrote about the above Derek Jeter interview … click on: http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/02/ … Jimmy [27NYY]


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