Tampa Bay’s A.L. East

Tampa owns it, they can flawnt it.  For the first time, well in a long time, a team other than the Yankees or the Red Sox finished 1st place winning the American League East pennet.  Going into the 2010 season, Tampa Bay will be the team to beat in the East.  If you asked me a year ago, I would have still that the Blue Jays had the best chance of knocking the top two titans out for the pennet. 

The Jays have been finishing 3rd behind Boston and New York for a long time now.  ‘We keep on knocking but we can’t come in’.  It has, kind of, become the Jays theme song, probably should be played in same manner as ‘Sweet Caroline’, at Fenway, but I disgress on the Jays.

Back to Tampa Bay, you guys rock, I don’t see them winning the shebang, but I’m rooting for them.  They gave us fits this year, and I want them to win, to prove that the Jays were ‘contenders’ this year, if not for ‘the Rays’ magnificent season.



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Crawford is key, but I think if Tampa draws any of those A.L. Central teams, they will be in for a easy ride. The Jays rolled through both of them late this year, and I personally don’t think they are all that good.

  2. leonmurphy

    I’m with ya man, one way or another it’s nice to see someone other than the Red Sox or Yankees taking the division. I agree that I’d rather see the Jays there (especially now that Cito’s back – BTW well done on his contract extension) – but the Rays bring something fresh to the table. I’d be pretty happy with a Rays/Brewers series…


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