Competitive Spirit

Everybody wonders if there actually is such thing as a clutch hitter?  A guy who can constantly come through when it REALLY (key word) counts for a team.  A clutch player is something that is very hard to measure statistically, because often these moments are hard to define or label.  A guy can be amazing at hitting with RISP, but not clutch because he hit into 3 double plays, at three 9th inning games in the playoffs.  Comparing one clutch moment to another is relative and difficult to judge.  Sometimes these clutch moments come up when the game isn’t on the line at all.  When teams are looking for insurance runs, or just a little spark. 
Scutaro copy.jpg

Marco Scutaro, Blue Jays utility infielder that has now become almost a full-time starter, is clutch, in my estimation.  The guy always seems to be able to come up with a big hit.  He has only hit 7 homeruns this season, however, those homers have always counted for something.  I may only be writing in relative terms, since Scutaro just had great series’ against the Rays, Yankees and the White Sox (maybe the unforgettable Johnny Damon error was a fluke), but Scutaro has had a knack for game-winning hits his whole career.  In last couple years, he is up there among many notable players, like Albert Pujols for example, in hitting game winning hits.  A pretty big feet for a utility player.  Is Marco Scutaro really this clutch?  Or is it just a freak occurance that he is able to hit so well in these situations?  I’ve observed his ‘competitive spirit’ watching the Jays play this season, and I really don’t think this is a fluke.  He has got tha ‘Mana’, ‘Mojo’, or whatever you call it going.              


  1. girlybaseballchick

    It’s not a fluke I saw him with the A’s and he was one of myfavorite players and still is. I tend to like these time of guys hey I’m a Olmedo Saenz fan for cyrin’ out loud. Marco should not even be considered just a utility guy the fact is, is he could be a starter at Short or 2nd and he produces game winning runs. He is I think one of the most underrated players and I am so proud of you for posting a blog about him. He deserves a lot of attention for what he does. And probably the best thing about him is the fact that he doesn’t care about the attention he just wants to help his team. If only more baseball players and pro athletes in general were more like Marco Scutaro people would respect these guys a whole lot more.

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