What a Catch! Game 4 Jays/Tigers Detroit Trip.

One of top five Jays highlights of 2008 came in the game that I attended at Comerica Park on Thursday.  The catch that Vernon Wells made on a Curtis Granderson for sure triple, in the bottom of the 9th of the Tigers/Jays game on Thursday, was amazing.  Watching from the stands, I thought no way he was getting to that ball.  Vernon truly is a gold glove, in every sense of the word.  I only wish he could have a stronger body and stay injury free, because he can really be a force in our outfield and our lineup.  If you look at the numbers, we rely so Vernon Wells to carry this team. When he doesn’t play well we lose and when he plays great and we win.  It is a tough burden for Wells, but its a fact, ‘the Jays will go nowhere if you can’t stay healthy’ sorry. 

It was a great catch and it got me really excited at the ballpark, so much so, I stood up with my Vernon Wells jersey and pointed to the name/number on the back of it, to rub it into the Detroit fans.  To my shegrin, the rest of that 8th inning did not go so well.  The Jays gave up their 1-0 lead and ended up losing 5-1.

Despite the score, me and girlfriend had a great time at Comerica Park.  Lots to do there, it is like an amusment park, the food made me very happy.  Check out the picture package!  It is full of beer, nachos, burritos, daquiris and legendary Tigers.  While I was in near by, Windsor, Ontario, I also checked out the Underground Railroad momument.  A pretty neat piece of Canadian History.



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  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, this is Jimmy from the mlblog, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” …

    Thanks for visting my blog recently !!! … Well, The Blue Jays took the first game of this very important three-game series vs the Yankees … A.J Burnett was awesome in this 2-1 win by Toronto … And, The Yankees wasted a great pitching performance by Darrell Rasner … The Yankees were not able to hit Burnett; and, 13 strikeouts, including 4 strikeouts by Jason Giambi, and 3 strikeouts by Alex Rodriguez … The Yankees continue their lack of hitting, and with 37 games remaining, the playoffs are looking further and further away … So, we’ll see what happens in the next two games in this series … With Roy Halladay pitching Game # 3, the Jays have a good chance to take 2 0f 3 in the series … Not good news for the Yankees, but I still hold out hope that [somehow] the Yanks will make it into the playoffs !!! … Take care, and thanks again for the visit to my blog … You are welcome to visit anytime, and I will also check-out your blog on a regular basis !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …


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