Thursday, July 28, 1994, 1:17 Mariners vs.  Tigers

Following up on my last post about the game that I went to when I was 12.  4-2 Tiger win in extra innings at Tiger Stadium.  Probably the best game that I’ve been to, in recent memory.  I had a vague memory of the game and I didn’t remember the date or the year.  All I remembered was Mickey Tettleton’s game winning homer in extra innings.  With my internet research skills, I was able to track down the game.

Watching the Tigers win dramatically against a young and exciting Mariners team that featured Ken Griffey Jr. and Tino Martinez in their prime was priceless.  There was also a very young guy named Alex Rodriguez playing shortstop and batting 9th for the Mariners, if you can believe it.  I still have a Tiger jersey, that I bought at the game, with the MLB 125th anniversary crest. 

Here is a link to the Box Score from for those that are interested.  

I must have had about 10 doubles of Mickey Tettleton that I traded away when I was a kid.  All I could find was a card from when he played for the Orioles.  Good old Donruss cards, you can notice his unusual batting stance here, tall with the bat parallel to his hip. 

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    I was at that game too and happened across your post while reminiscing about some of my experiences at Tiger Stadium and trying to recall when exactly in 1994 the Tettleton game winner occured. What really stands out to me from that game, however, is watching from my seat right behind the Tigers’ bullpen while Gene Harris warmed up throwing in the mid 90’s mere feet from me . The pop of the ball hitting the bullpen catcher’s glove left quite an impression on a 10-year old little leaguer, as I was at the time!

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