Fishing in Familiar Waters

With the recent signing of top Dominican shortstop prospect, Gustavo Pierre, the Blue Jays are fishing in an area that they know very well.  Some exceptionally good Dominican talent has come through the Blue Jays farm system.  To commemorate them, I made this piece that includes, Nelson Liriano, Tony Fernandez, Juan Guzman, Manny Lee, George Bell and Alfredo Griffin.  To me, those guys left a great legacy on our franchise.  Guzman was a phenomenal young arm, Tony Fernandez is the Jays all time leader in hits, Manny Lee was huge in the Jays 92 World Series push, Nelson Liriano was a solid defensive player and George Bell was a fierce hitter that won the MVP in 1987.

Other notable players (so they don’t feel left out).

 Miguel Batista,  Tony Batista,  Pedro Borbón (okay reliever),  Sil Campusano, Pasqual Coco (coolest name award), Junior Félix, Dámaso García, Raul Mondesi (guys not from the Jays system are here too),

Only the United States has produced more Blue Jays than the Dominican Republic.  We have gotten away from this talent pool recently, but with guys like Robinson Diaz and hopefully Pierre (he is only 16 now) it can make a revival. 


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