“You Wish you had a Last Name”


Was my heckle on Jay Bruce (two first names) at the Cinncinnati vs. Toronto Blue Jays game on Wednesday June I can’t remember.  Getting on players from the bleachers is a baseball pasttime and I reveal in it, especially in Rogers Centre where the crowd just might be small enough that you can become the center of attention. You never know, Bruce might have been thinking about his name dilemma when he couldn’t execute a sacrifice bunt in the 6th.  It might accually scar him for life and ruin his whole career.  ha ha ha.  Just kidding .  Jay Bruce looks like he is going to be an excellent player for years to come. 

The greatest gratification that I got from heckling was when Tony Phillips, playing for the A’s at the time, crossed his arms at me and my buddy.  We both knew then, that we got in his head. 

Anyway, anyone else have some good heckling stories because I would like to hear them?  I wonder how many that guy in Tampa Bay has?  Probably not a lot, cuz that guy needs better material, like “you wish you had a last name.”  lol. naw.

Here is me and my friend Charles, who did the camera work.  He has some good stories heckling Paul O’Neil back in the day.  I would love to heckle that guy all game, I hated him along with most non-Yankee fans.


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