Video Game Review: MLB ‘The Show’ on PS3

 Yes!  This is the greatest baseball game that I have ever played, above MVP, above 2K, far, far above all the rest.  There have been some other great games, but this one takes the cake for me.

Here is my list of top baseball video games past and present (you are welcome to include any if you wish).

1.  MLB 08 ‘The Show’MLB.jpg

2.  RBI baseball (on original Nintendo was soo much fun)

3.  MVP baseball (I fell in love with the franchise feature)

4.  Ken Griffey’s MLB

5.  Harball (Sega Genesis)

Everyone tells me, High Heat for Playstation One, was the greatest game, I did not have this game unfortunately, but I’ve seen how good it looked.

Most of what makes MLB 08 ‘the show’ so good is, of course, the technology of PS3. 

The constant wireless roster updates are a huge benefit, this keeps you from having to juggle players around and create rookies.  When I saw Robinson Diaz (Jays AAA rookie catcher) on the Jays roster, the day he was called up, I knew this game was for real.   

The ‘road to the show’ option allows you to create a player and take him through the minors, while focusing just on the individual performance of the player that you created.  This is fun because entire seasons can move along quickly this way.  It is also cool to see your guy getRBI.jpg better, as he learns in the minors.

This game has given me a new addiction however, and that is wireless online gaming.  With MLB 08 ‘The Show’, you can find a game whenever you want to and they are generally very competitve.  I’m yet to join an online league, but they look very cool and I’m looking forward to doing that in the future.  The connection can get fuzzy at times, but you’ll find that with any game.

Other than that, what else can I say about this game?  Well, virtually every player has a replicated batting stance and pitching delivery, MLB sponsors and updates live MLB scores for you while you play, the graphics are amazing on PS3 and I’ve never played a game with that much realism.  It is really unbelievable.  “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created” – ESPN Magazine.  They are right!

Now that you have read this and you think you have the guts to take me on, my user name is MERGIHEAD.   Bring it!  lol all in good fun.



    While I agree with you that MLB:08 the Show is a great game, I don’t think it’s the best. It has problems rating players accurately in my opinion. Many players (like Zaun) are rated much higher than they should be. It is also hard to distinguish between rating bars (you cant tell the difference between an 81% overall player and a 84%). Other than that I love the game. My personal favourite is All-Star Baseball 2003 (Gamecube), followed by Ken Griffy Jr presents MLB (N64). Although it’s hard to argue against the HD graphics, online play, and the player replicatitions.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Thank you for the reply, and also, bearing with me through some grammatical errors. I didn’t actually know people were reading.

    Now that I think of it, I do agree with you on the rating system, some guys have an inordinate amount of speed in the game. I seem to be able to get a stolen base with Robinson Diaz everytime, even though he hasn’t even stolen a base in the majors.

    The rating system has to be a dilemma for the creators, however. A single baseball game is incrediably random, and it wouldn’t be quite real, if you only gave premier players the ability to hit well. I like that, in this game, I could hit a homerun with David Eckstein, that kind of thing doesn’t happen a lot in other games that I’ve played. That being said, it also poses the dilemma of some players being overrated and given too many advantages. It has to be a tough call for the creators.


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