Wha Happend?

Gone!  Stranded!  Destitute!  Munsoned up a creek, without a paddle.  Like a tree without its rich and succulant sap.  Like a ballplayer, without his mitt, or like Frank Thomas without his at-bats.  

That was me, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been without my laptop and frequenting public computer labs.  Upon graduating from a College course in Public Relations, they stole my computer rental and took away some key programs, like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.  I was able to get them back, however, and now I’m good to go, so you can expecting some more fancy designing (i.e. The Carmona/Corona label below).

So, now that I have my laptop back, it is time for the Blue Jays to win again.  Pleeeeease!  Man, Wha happend when I was gone!  Murphy!  Six game losing streak and we fall into last place in the AL east?  It is definately a sign that I need to keep up with this blog, in order for the Blue Jays to win. 

To me, it is now becoming obvious that the Blue Jays need to shake things up a bit.  John Gibbons, wow, you are definately on the hot seat.  The way Frank Thomas was handled, in Toronto, was despicable.  I solely blame this on management.  Thomas was a clubhouse leader, proven to produce, and committed to making the Blue Jays a winning club this season.  The Jays need guys like that, we definately don’t need to be getting rid of them.  No doubt, he will have a big year with Oakland now, and that may come back to bite the Jays in the future.  It is obvious what the Jays are, all pitching and limited offense!  Soon, we will be crying for a big hitter and this whole situation will haunt the team.lumberjack copy.jpg 

On the flip side of that coin, the Jays are deep enough, this season, that we will be okay.  Matt (‘the lumberjack’) Stairs (I call him the lumberjack because he looks like one and swings a bat like one) will be inserted into the lineup more often, and the Jays will also see what they can get from Adam Lind (not much recently!). 

The big question here is:

Does this make the Jays a better team?

No, definatly not in the long run.  I’m sure that Thomas would have had a huge year for us, in and towards the second half, following his usual trend of being a second half star. 

Are the Jays still okay without Thomas?

Yes.  The big additions to our team, this season, were Rolen and Eckstein.  They bring the winning attitudes, and Rolen looks, in my estimation, to be poised for a great year.  They, are what will really make the difference for this team.  My prediction that the Troy Glaus for Scott Rolen deal, would be the best move J.P. has ever made as Blue Jay’s GM, is starting to come true in it’s initial stages.  Stairs will hit for a higher average but will have less homerun pop, and we are all waiting on (‘the heartbreak kid’) to come around.  It that those things happen, the Jays will be good, if not great this season.  Here is hoping Blue Jay fans.

With Thomas, I don’t buy into the conspiracy.  Benching Thomas was a management decision and a very bad one.  J.P., sticking to his strategy of making players happy, released Thomas because the position Gibbons put him in.  What do you think about the conspiracy?  Was it management or front office?  Really, if you know, I would also like to know.             

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