My Girlfriend likes Baseball

untitled.jpgA couple of days ago my special sweetheart showed me an article on ‘why all smart women should like baseball.’

It’s from my girlfriend, and I know im leaving myself open for going to  Anyway, the three reasons why a smart women loves baseball is:

1. Because its a great family experience.

Definately agree with that.  My family, for instance, has bonded more over baseball that practically anything else.  My brother made a bet on baseball last night and it came down to the Houston/San Diego game last night.  He bet for Houston and he also bet for Berkman to beat Brian Giles.   Big two out rally, started by Jose Cruz’s son and a huge homerun by Berkman in the 9th to take the game.  It won my brother a couple hundred bucks and was a great experience for both of us.  Plus, my mom watched but she was asleep after coming off a long nursing shift.  The only reason my mom actually started watching baseball was because her sons were passionate about it and she wanted to share in that passion.  Same reason why my girlfriend watches baseball, right now, mostly because of me.  I’ve been privaledged to have some amazing women in my life.

2.  There is method behind ‘monotony’

I’m not even going to entertain this one.  Watching baseball obviously requires some patience, like many other things in life.  Saying that it is ‘too slow’ is not a good explanation.  You either like it, or you don’t.  I think that women are generally smart enough to make up their own mind, in that respect. 

3.  It’s full of sex appeal  

Im sure that there is a little more to why women like the game than sex appeal.  I don’t see too many guys watching figure skating. 

I would like to think that most women actually enjoy the excitement, the players (abilities!!), the team loyalties and the history more than these reasons.

However, if they like baseball for those reasons than who am I to fault them.  They might start there and develop it into a more thourough interest later.  The reason I like the best is the family experience.  Baseball is a fabelled North American pastime that is intrinsic with the family, culture and history of North American lives.  It is a big part of my life and a big part of my families daily routine (thoroughout the summertime).

As my longtime girlfriend becomes more a part of my family, she is beginning to like and share in all the baseball passion that I have.  It then builds my passion that much more towards her!  

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